Kumite afternoon

Book the date
Sunday 12th April from 1pm



  • How to spar with a partner
  • Different Kumite Techniques
  • How to use control

Cost is £10.00
(included if you are on a monthly Unlimited plan)

Places are limited and strictly on a first come basis

Book your place by emailing ku.oc.jkya|etimuk#ku.oc.jkya|etimuk with the completed FORM or printing the form and handing this to your Sensei before 5th April

All FORMS are listed HERE
Print off and hand to your Sensei

You will need Mitts / Leg Guards / Gum Shield and either a Groin or Breast Guard

1x pair Mitts £10.00
1x pair Leg Guard £10.00
1x Gum Shield £10.00
1x Groin Guard for boys £10.00
1x Breast Guard for girls £30.00
Package 1
Includes Mitts/Leg Guard/Gum Shield/Groin Guard
Package 2
Includes Mitts/Leg Guard/Gum Shield/Breast Guard

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