Kids Classes

In today's day and age, it is probably more important for kids that they learn to defend themselves, ever than before. There is also a concern that children are doing less exercise than ever before.

Training in Karate can teach children to defend themselves whilst being active. Karate also promotes discipline and respect for others, as well as helping to develop confidence and build self esteem. Over the years we have developed a kids training program that we teach in schools and in our kids classes. Children are more likely to learn if they are enjoying themselves. Our kids program delivers a balance of fun by mixing the principles of karate with some karate related games. We also have a special kids grading syllabus which includes extra free gradings to keep students motivated and excited about training. These programs also provide a good grounding in Karate for youngsters. Children are the future Black Belts and Instructors and are paramount in securing Martial Arts for the future.

Does your child:

Get easily bored?
Have an abundance of energy?
Loose interest quickly?
Play video games to much?
Need motivation?

Karate could be the answer!

After School Clubs

We have a special After School Club syllabus which has proven to be very popular. The classes are usually 1hr long, once a week, and run in conjunction with when the students would normally go home at the end of the day. These classes are solely for the use of the pupils in the particular school. If your school or club is interested in finding out more about these clubs please contact us.

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