Within Karate we have a belt system for grading. This marks the progress of the student as they develop in skill over the period of time that they have trained. It wasn't until Karate spread to mainland Japan that it incorporated the belt system. The primary focus of the student should be to improve through training hard and learning!

Students should not focus on grades, as grades will come as a matter or course as you improve over time. Too much emphasis on grading can cause the student to miss the point of why they are training and lead to future disappointments. Never push for grading! Your instructor will let you know when you are ready.

Ask your instructor regularly for feedback about your progress "What do I need to do to improve?"

10th Kyu White Belt
9th Kyu Yellow Tag
8th Kyu Yellow Belt Kihon
7th Kyu Orange Belt Gekisai dai ichi
6th Kyu Red Belt Heian Shodan
5th Kyu Blue Belt Gekisai dai ni
4th Kyu Purple Belt Heian yondan
3rd Kyu Brown Belt Bassai Dai
2nd Kyu Brown & White Belt Bassai Dai & Saifa
1st Kyu Brown & Black Belt Enpi & Seiyunchin
1st Dan Black Belt Shisochin & Hangetsu
2nd Dan Black Belt Sanchin & Kanku Sho

Grading is about overall improvement to a required standard and attitude. The Karate in all areas of training must have improved to attempt the next grade, not just having learned and perfected the next-grade kata.Also, trust your instructor! If they invite you to grading it is because they believe you are good enough for the next grade. The yellow belt grading is the first major step on your karate journey, but it is just that; the first step! We don't expect you to perform like a black belt till you have arrived at that level.All gradings are performed in a group, students grade alongside their fellow students. Although Karate is technically a solo art you cant help but meet friends on the way!

Junior Grades

All students up to the age of 16 hold a Junior Grade.

At 16 all students will be able to take an assessment to their full adult belt.

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