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Alan Whicker on Karate by cronozcronoz, 21 Aug 2015 12:13
Jim Carrey - Karate Instructor by cronozcronoz, 11 Aug 2015 11:55

From NOW:

Ralph Macchio found fame as The Karate Kid Daniel in the 1980s - but what has he been up to since?

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June/July will be the renewal of your Licence & Yearly Insurance

The cost will again be £10 for the year

An AYKJ Licence gives you insurance in case of an accident when training, grading or entering competitions.

Without a valid AYKJ licence you will NOT be insured. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain a valid licence.

All students must present a valid AYKJ licence before gradings. If you do not hold or are unable to present a valid licence then you will not be allowed to grade.

Licences are valid for one year and must be renewed each year.

Those who joined the club in the last 6 months will not have to pay in June/July but will require the renewal in 2016

Licence & Insurance by cronozcronoz, 27 Apr 2015 15:56

It's LIVE - check the event in Announcements

First Announcement on Saturday 21 March - this will list details of an event in April…

Check out the Announcements Page for monthly events in the club

Announcement for future Events by cronozcronoz, 15 Mar 2015 17:26

Read the History of the symbol from

The lord ordered the immediate execution of the three guards by having them thrown into a huge caldron of boiling water used for extracting oils for fuel. They struggled in front of him and the envoy where they screamed out, pleading not for their own lives but for the lives of the Ryukyuan people. Hearing their screams for him to save the Ryukyu people even as they were boiling to death moved the Kagoshima lord. It caused him to finally open his mind to the suffering of the Ryukyu people. When he finally realized the extent of the of the Ryukyuan people’s plight he expressed solidarity to those people, and not only accepted their excuses for not paying tribute but had his men carry a cargo of rice to the islands to ease the hunger and suffering of the island people. In return for his generosity he requested that the masters of the art of Karate come to Kagoshima to teach his men the fighting techniques he had observed defeat his warrior. The value and courage of those three Ryukyuan warriors initiated a new period of relations between the two kingdoms and eventually led to the cooperation and friendship of both peoples.

Read the full story of the three tears symbol here

Re: New Black Belt Badge by cronozcronoz, 12 Mar 2015 11:06

Here is the new Yudansha (Black Belt) Badge that will be worn by all black belts on the left arm

New Black Belt Badge by cronozcronoz, 12 Mar 2015 10:46

From Distractify

The physical and mental benefits of training in a martial art are endless, but the lessons taught inside the gym don't go away when you take your mouthguard out.

1. Leave your ego at the door.
2. You can learn something new from everyone you meet.
3. You either win, or you learn.

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Recently on a visit back home, I met my one of my close friends at his son’s martial arts studio so I could drop in and see what young Ethan was up to. Ethan was one step away from getting his white sash in Poekoelan, an Indonesian martial art. He beamed with pride as we watched him do various forms and drills. Shortly after I left town, Ethan earned his white sash, upon which he got to join the big kids in the adjacent room. There the big kids practice more advanced forms, techniques, and even some sparring. He was thrilled.

Ethan’s always been a good kid, but from what I observed the martial arts gave him quite a healthy dose of self esteem and self respect - two of the many benefits one gains with participation in them. Whether your kid is too bossy, too shy, or perhaps just a little hyper, the martial arts can help your child learn many important life lessons. (And, of course, those same lessons apply for all of us, not just kids.)

Read more here

Bruce Lee quote
cronozcronoz 07 Mar 2015 10:35
in discussion Social / Chat » Bruce Lee quote

“The martial arts are ultimately self-knowledge. A punch or a kick is not to knock the hell out of the guy in front, but to knock the hell out of your ego, your fear, or your hang-ups.”

- Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee quote by cronozcronoz, 07 Mar 2015 10:35

I'm currently taking a course in Italian martial arts.

It's a lot like karate, lots of kicks and stuff, except there are two guys holding your opponent down.

Courtesy of

Italian Martial Arts by cronozcronoz, 04 Mar 2015 09:12


He has not been in the public eye much since attending his father's funeral in June 2009.

And Blanket Jackson looks like he's growing up fast as he was spotted leaving a martial arts class in Calabasas, California on Monday.

The 12-year-old son of legendary crooner Michael Jackson proudly showcased his combat discipline as he donned a black karate gi on the outing.

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From the

TIRANA, Feb 2 (Reuters) - Three Albanian gunmen met their match when they held up three Chinese contractors only to be outwitted and overpowered by the karate skills of their would-be victims.

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New sports for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be determined in August next year ahead of the Rio de Janeiro Games.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) vice president John Coates said on Thursday that new sports will be approved at the IOC session in August just prior to the 2016 Rio Olympics, reports Xinhua.

Read the full story here

From the Daily Mail:

The robo karate kid! Terrifying two legged giant robot being developed by Google learns to stand on one leg - and recreates scene from cult film

Read more:

The robo karate kid! by cronozcronoz, 10 Dec 2014 21:19
The Karate Rap
cronozcronoz 05 Oct 2014 19:27
in discussion Karate / General » The Karate Rap

The Karate Rap by cronozcronoz, 05 Oct 2014 19:27
cronozcronoz 09 Sep 2014 14:46
in discussion Karate / Sensei's News » Subscriptions

In SEPTEMBER 2014 we are moving away from the existing payment structure of ‘pay-per-class’ and ‘pre-pay booklets’ and moving to a monthly payment scheme.

We have been running classes seven days a week within London, Essex and Hertfordshire, however some of these are poorly attended and the instructors are not notified of absences. The halls however have to be paid for and this has left many of the instructors out of pocket.

The Change
From 01 Sep 2014 all classes will move to a monthly payment structure that will require every student, parent or guardian to set up a standing order with their Sensei or Renshi Danny Briggs.
See your Sensei for full details on what will work best for you.

How much?
This has been given careful consideration to make this fair and value for money. Your monthly payment will cover both the lessons for that month and your insurance within the club. This will work out as follows:

1 lesson per week £20.00
2 lessons per week £30.00
Unlimited lessons per week £45.00

This is to be paid per student per month and lessons do not carry over in to following months.

Value for money
This is worked as a 4 week month per year. This allows for 7 ‘free’ weeks to cover Christmas holidays, sickness and personal breaks.

Family discounts
This was one of the items that was unfortunately lost as part of this new structure. However, please take time to look at the overall costs vs value for money and we believe this still delivers excellent value.

I am sure you will have some questions, so please speak with your Sensei and they will be able to answer any questions you may have. Standing orders can be set up on a day that works best for you each month and you are welcome to contact me to discuss any concerns.

With best regards,

Renshi Danny Briggs
Chief Instructor – Atarashii Yoake Karate Kai

Subscriptions by cronozcronoz, 09 Sep 2014 14:46
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